Last year 6 top 10 by David and Adam

This is my last top 10 in year 6 so I’m doing a new version of Top 10 video game bosses that I’ve played (Adam also chose one) but anyway HERE GOES!

10. The Blaze boss (Minecraft)

This boss has three stages! He is easily the absolute hardest and most frustrating boss in Minecraft history. In phase one you break off his leg-ish tendrils, in phase two it’s LAVA PARKOUR and in phase three it’s standing on a moving platform shooting arrows at his eyebrows (surprise huh?) Another big thing is that this is possibly the only boss in Minecraft with its own music designed for it. It’s called Lord of the Nether. You may find yourself dying like a thousand times but that’s the added fun, even if you die so much that you lose all your weapons and you start screaming. Overall this is a very fun, challenging and one-of-a-kind boss fight which is why it ranks the number one boss in Minecraft (mods included).

9. Punter claws (Mega man Zero)

You fight this guy in front of a train and he is vicious! He attacks with boomerangs and balls of lightning. All the time the sky darkens and epic rock music plays in the background.

8. Xenos (Xenos)

When you reach the top of the floating fortress the core of it awaits you. OH yes! This final boss is tense as heck and his move set is: summoning, shooting, teleporting and launching missiles at you!

7.Blaze/Sonic (sonic rush)

This boss is AWESOME! Blaze can slide kick you, try to jump on you and even levitate while using PILLARS OF FIRE! Sonic can ball spin, leap at you and try to HURRICANE YOU! At the end you two must build up your strength and CLASH TO THE FINISH! To conclude the boss has great music, high difficulty, and the best setup in any sonic boss!

6.Nega wisp robot (Sonic Colours DS)


This boss has amazing music, great setup and the greatest of all: most bosses use attacks for their own use – very few have ever used YOUR abilities and skills against you. First thing is you are falling on a platform through space towards earth with an exploding starship above you! He can: set off explosions which are indicated by flashes. He can also launch fireballs then attempt to ram you. Another attack is when he’ll try to drill you. When he let’s his tail go it will try to shoot you. Then it’ll try a megashot. At the end it’ll try sucking you into a void while launching missiles. The fight reaches its best when he prepares the MOST POWERFUL, ULTIMATE LASER! Using all your ability counter this laser to conclude This baddass boss fight!

5.Tabuu (Super Smash Bros Brawl)

Tabuu has great music, awesome design and arena, cool background and some epic attacks! He can turn into a sword and lunge, try to grab you with a whip, fire a dragon laser, teleport, form explosions, form an electrical shield, grow massive and use superman lasers and use powerful shockwaves from the background. This boss is challenging fun and has great atmosphere.

4. Trevor (Golden Eye 007)

This boss is truly one to remember. He has 4 phases and each one keeps you on your toes. After Trevor fakes his death you have to chase him with a gun while dodging his attacks in phase 1. In phase 2 you have to climb the main generator and in phase 3 it’s an all out gun fight! Trevor has a machine gun and a whole load of insults. After a while Trevor summons a helicopter and can  summon 4 troops at a time with heavy machine guns ! Finally in phase 4 you both crawl towards a gun on the tower roof. When you’re forced to lose it seems all is lost until the building shakes and you shoot him! Overall this is a great test of your abilities and truly displays what the wii can do.

3. Kuwagust Anchus (Megaman Zero 2)

Yes, strange name but you know what? I don’t care. It all began in the sky, stop a bomb drop yadayadayada… then before I could escape the stealth bomb Anchus stopped me and a fight begins… AND IT IS GLORIOUS! Firstly you have 10 minutes before your base explodes, there is lightning everywhere and the fight is cool. His attacks are: lunging, lasers, explosions, missiles oh yeah and… ASTRAL FINISH! But the thing that gets me most are his last words: “Brother… I failed to avenge you,” He wasn’t doing it for the bad guys, he was doing it for his dead brother  (whom I killed, feel free to let a tear go loose). I felt horrible killing the greatest boss in Mega Man… until I met number 1.

2.Gadrongo (Dragon Quest 9)


For those of you who have read my top 5 favourite bosses ever you are most likely shocked he’s not number 1 but soon you’ll understand. I fought Gadrongo back when I was 10 and I absolutely HATED him and for a while he was my least favourite boss in Dragon Quest, but now I don’t have quite the same feelings about him. Firstly this boss is hard. Secondly he’s the start of one of my favourite story lines ever. Finally, when I defeated him I felt… satisfied. Let me break it down for you: after braving many tasks and being informed by Serana that the fate of the world is on the line, you set out for Wrymward’s arrow. When you reach the chamber the final task is revealed to be this guy. This boss can attack you with a block attack, a fierce club swing, a terror strike, an earthquake and stun fire. And when I beat him I felt something I have never before or since felt SATISFACTION! This boss has been put here for you to prove your skill and makes it worth it!

at last…

Number 1

So you play through Mega Man Zero series up to Zero 3 and at this point you just want to kill X once and for all so when you do…

Number 1: X

Everything about this battle works from the fight right down to the music which is a classic rock theme. Even though this is not the end everything is screaming IT’S ON! To IT’S TIME TO END THIS! His attacks are: slide kicks, punch attacks, gun shots, ice bombs, stalactites, flame rain, flame shots, energy balls, lock on plasma and covering everything with lightning. After the fight X is betrayed and explodes. But before that you have him at your mercy. But then a moving cutscene plays where X talks to his true self and decides to kill himself. Heck his last words are even: “I have no regrets,” then, that jerk Dr Weil blows him up and pins it on you. Also you’re at the highest point of his palace with full moon background, people!

There… done. This may be the last year 6 blog post but not last overall!





Leaving Brookburn – Izzy B

We are all going to be sad but why is that? What will we miss?

Mine is definitely all the amazing teachers and the kitchen staff especially Mr Alderdice and his rubbish jokes! Ha Ha!

I loved having ice lollies when it was pouring it down at sports day. I love going on school trips like Ghyll Head and The Air Raid Shelters! My amazing friends!



What did you love and what will you miss the most when you leave?


Please comment


We ‘ll miss you Brookburn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Top 10 Minecraft bosses (mods included) by David and Adam (with Caleb backup)

A note from David: Hi we haven’t posted in awhile a so I just want to say 1. if you own Minecraft on the computer I highly recommend these bosses and their mods 2. this is based off our personal opinion but anyway HAVE AT YOU!

10. The Wither/Vampire Overlord (Tragic mobs mod)

While it’s a tie it’s not hard to admit The Vampire is better than The Wither. The Wither gets an HONOURABLE mention anyway. Both bosses use wither skeleton skulls and both give you the wither affect. The Vampire however teleports, heals like a Z.beast and blinds you as well. But The Wither can fly and has separate stages, plus you have to go to the Nether and collect his minions skulls and put them on soulsand to summon him.

9. The King (orespawn mod)

The King has fireballs, lightning and a deadly frost breath. He has 7000 health and can take down a player with mobzilla scale armour. Now I could have chosen Mobzilla or Godzilla but the king has more moves than Mobzilla and as for Godzilla…well let me explain. Godzilla is more difficult and heals crazier but… The King is more believable when you fight him. Here’s what I’m talking about: Godzilla: 10000 health, 1 hit KO. see? it’s not possible to fight him without dying.

8. Mutant creeper (mutant creatures)

If you like creepers this boss fight is even better. His attacks are: jumping, kicking and summoning creepers. When you remove his 120 health points he gives off the world’s coolest creeper explosion which is insta-kill!

7. The Hydra (twilight forest)

This boss has 360 health and (at the start) has 3 heads, but as the fight goes on grows more. The Hydra can only shoot fire charges and breathe fire but the biome he’s in is epic! Here’s the description: in the middle of the forest the landscape is netherrack, fire burnt down trees and a huge cave which is where you find him. Oh yes and he locks onto you even in creative and even with an invisibility potion on.

6. The Big Golem (mo’creatures)

This boss is unique in its own way because of the way you fight him. In most bosses you bring TNT, swords and bow and arrows. In this fight you bring a pickaxe! His weak point core is covered by his body so you have to mine to get to the core. Even though he has 50 health and can lose his blocks by explosions BE WARNED! This guy is no pushover. I once saw him single handedly take down 4 WITHERS! His strengths are what he builds himself out of so if you plan on spawning him in in an arena DON’T MAKE IT OUT OF BEDROCK!

5. Elf Hunter (ultimate bosses or whatever)

This boss really is epic! and he can fire different kinds of arrows, from a dual shot in the air to a volley of fire arrows. Oh yeah, and when you beat him, depending on how well you did you get a bow. Example: average bow fight= flame VIII, sharpness III and a speed buff!

4. Block wielder (Hostile worlds mod)

OH yeah! I love this guy! He’s a giant zombie with an iron helmet and epic powers! Let’s begin with where you fight: a endless flat dimension like the end but with lightning. Then comes his attacks which include: creating blocks and hurling them at you, using a particle sword, a laser of redstone, a wave of fire and flight!

3. Evolved creeper boss (Galactacraft)

Deep in the centre of Mars lies a beast so evil, so explosive,so dastardly that it’s scary. This beast has been said to breath TnT, hatch creepers and be able to cover itself in invulnerable goo. The legends speak of a beast so scary that players have fainted at the sight of it. So it’s a huge shock to discover the legends are true!

Need I say more?

2. Super creeper (map boss)

This boss has 3 phases and INSANE abilities which include: creeper summons, BILLIONS of splash potions and TnT rain. But the absolute best bit is while you drop down you see it for how scary it really is.

1.Blaze Boss

This boss has three stages! He is easily the absolute hardest and most frustrating boss in Minecraft history. In phase one you break off his leg-ish tendrils, in phase two it’s LAVA PARKOUR and in phase three it’s standing on a moving platform shooting arrows at his eyebrows (surprise huh?)  Another big thing is that this is possibly the only boss in Minecraft with its own music designed for it. It’s called Lord of the Nether. You may find yourself dying like a thousand times but that’s the added fun, even if you die so much that you lose all your weapons and you start screaming. Overall this is a very fun, challenging and one-of-a-kind boss fight which is why it ranks the number one boss in Minecraft (mods included).

In the comments please tell us what you think of these bosses and what you think is a good Minecraft boss.

Ghyll Head

Here is the checklist for Ghyll Head.

Remember: hope for sunshine, prepare for rain (and snow!)

ghyll head checklist

Also, if you have an email account, write down some emails of family members so that you can keep them up to date over the course of the week.

See you all on Monday!!! 🙂

Send All My Friends To School

This year, our school is participating in a global campaign called, ‘Send all my friends to school’.

The aim is to secure a primary education for every child around the world by 2015.

At the moment, there is still a lot of work to do. Watch the video to learn more.

Today, we made our own buddies using the tyedrawing app on iPads because we believe that education is a right, not a privilege.

Photo 24-04-2014 10 23 27


top 6 most epic animals on the planet_by ben

AMERICAN ALLIGATOR                                                                                             This beast lives in the swamps of Florida and west Mississippi.It feasts on large birds and raccoons.Their mating call is a strong bellow which is rarely heard by people.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           JAGUAR                                                                                                                      A very elegant spotty big cat that swaggers around the Amazon and rainforests of south america.They usually eat Capybaras and monkeys that also dwell in rainforests.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     GIANT TORTOISE                                                                                                       Shelled long necked fruit and veg eating guys who roam around the Galapagos islands very slowly and gently. their status in the wild is near threatened.                                                                                                                                                     WESTERN LOWLAND GORILLA                                                                               Close to  humans, they are our intelligent grumpy relatives that live in the jungly mountains of the congo.The alpha male is called the silver back.                                                                                                                                                                   BALD EAGLE                                                                                                             They are proud macho birds of prey that are determined to show of their”feathers of steal”They eat big fish in lakes around canada and USA.                                                                                                                                                                           GREAT WHITE SHARK                                                                                               Huge blood thirsty monsters of the deep great barrier reef in australia that feast on seals and shoals of fish.

what’s the scariest moment that’s ever occured to you?- by ben

I just went to Tenerife in the holidays and went to the magnificent Tenerife jungle park,in there was the scariest animal exhibit that i ever faced, a rickety bridge going through a jungle with two alligators asleep at the bottom and guess what? I survived it!                                                                                                                                                                          what’s the scariest moment you’ve ever had to face?                                                                                                                                                                                                               PS. you must go to tenerife.

What is your favourite ice cream flavour? Results! – Maryam :D


Not long ago, I posted a poll to see what ice cream flavour was popular in class! I have collected all the votes up and here are the results for the top three flavours! 😀 THIS POLL HAS HAD 94 VOTES WHICH IS THE HIGHEST AMOUNT OF VOTES EVER SO FAR SO THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO VOTED! 😀

Joint 3rd Place: Chocolate and Bubblegum  which both had 11 votes

2nd Place: Mint which had 17 votes

Drum roll please……………………………………………………………………..

1st Place: Mango which had 30 votes

The winning flavour is Mango!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep looking out as I will be posting another poll later on in the week!


Maryam x 😀